Wareham Gatemen Organization Gives Back In So Many Ways

When most people think about the Wareham Gatemen Baseball organization, they think about watching great baseball games during the summer by the cream of the crop of college talent looking to be scouted into the major league.  The games are free to attend (donations accepted).  It's free to park.  Even the concession stand is reasonable.  It's a great family take from June to August.

All this alone makes the Wareham Gatemen a local treasure in its own right.  However, there is so much more that they do that you probably never heard of.

In addition to helping boost the Wareham economy during the summer by bringing players from all over the country here, as well as the away-team fans to watch them, there is a lot that goes on pre and post season that benefits the Wareham community - especially its youth.

Did you know that the Wareham Gatemen organization has given the town over $1,037,000 dollars between 1985 through 2013?

Attached below is video from the September 18, 2013 of the Wareham School Committe.

Wareham Gatemen Treasurer, Judith Whiteside, appeared and she details the numerous upgrades they made to Wareham High School's athletic facilities over the years.  This was done in cooperation with Wareham Public Schools, per the wishes of John H. Wylde, the President and General Manager of the Wareham Gatemen from 1983 - 2009.

These improved facilties have greatly benefitted the WHS Vikings teams such as Football, Soccer, and Baseball.  Not to mention youth sports as well such as Wareham Tigers Football.  Win/win for all.

Ms. Whiteside also explains the special relationship that the Gatemen have with Wareham High School's DECA program and the generous annual funds that DECA receives as a result to help those Wareham students achieve.

And much more.

The video is about 20 minutes and I recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about the behind the scenes way that in which the Wareham Gatemen consistently give so much back to our Town beyond a great baseball season.

Mike Flaherty

For a PDF of Ms. Whiteside's letter, Click Here.