Think Your Property Taxes Are High?

As the FY15 budget process gets on its way, I think an important part of the FY14 discussion still goes overlooked today.  

Did you know that Wareham residents pay among the lowest tax rate in the state?  I didn't either until last year.  That's when Town Administrator, Derek Sullivan, presented the facts.  According to him, last year Wareham ranked 14 from the bottom for single family tax bill out of 351 municipalities in the Commonwealth.  When he adjusted that figure to take into account the fees we pay for the separate water districts, then we ranked around 37 out of 351.  Again, that's from the bottom - not the top.

I am including some video from that meeting below.  It is a little over 4 minutes long.



Publisher's Note: The thoughts expressed in this article are my personal views.  I am speaking for myself and not any private or public organization that I may be associated with. 

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